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Mobile integration & contactability

It is impossible to imagine life without mobile devices, and many people prefer to use them to communicate with the outside world.

Our mobile integration ensures that your smartphone becomes a part of your communication system in the office. Your smartphone functions as an extension of your VoIP system. You can call your colleagues internally, forward calls, make calls using the office number, and much more.

All this is possible without the need to reveal your mobile telephone number.

Always available on the same telephone number

Do you ever dream of people always being able to contact you on the same number? Even when you are working from home or on site?

Gone are the days of trying first the landline number and then the mobile number. Integration of your landline and mobile telephony means that callers only need to keep track of one number. You can also choose which handset you want to be contacted on.

And you can manage all of this from a single app. After all, there are also moments when you would rather not be contacted.

Call anywhere as if you were in the office

These days, everyone has multiple devices and applications, such as a landline phone, softphone, smartphone, tablet, PC, and Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to the smart folks at Alcatel Lucent you no longer need to choose which final device you want to call or wish to be contacted on.

We ensure that all of these elements can be combined into a single number so that you no longer have to depend on one piece of hardware or software.

Unified communications

‘Unified Communications’ means bringing together all of your communications resources into one user-friendly application.

A clear interface on your PC or smartphone lets you see whether a user in your organisation can be contacted via telephone, chat, email, video or any other medium. In other words, it puts you the user in control over the channel on which you want people to contact or not contact you.

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