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Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications & Contact Centre solutions

A modern telephony set-up allows you to do much more than just make telephone calls. Telephony has been revolutionised over the last few years, particularly in terms of user-friendliness and integration possibilities. 

Discover how our versatile solutions can raise the level of your telephony too.

Link your telephony to MS Teams!

Not only does MS Teams offer you features such as chat, video calling and file sharing, it is also becoming increasingly easy to link your Panasonic telephony set-up to MS Teams.

This link enables you to use your trusted MS Teams environment as a standard UC tool. Moreover, this multifunctional platform is also available on many different devices, which makes remote working even easier.

Are you interested in integrating your Panasonic telephony within your MS Teams environment? We will be pleased to guide you through several scenarios that suit your company’s requirements. 

Read more about this solution in our brochure.

Ultimate control via UC

Unified Communications gives you a user-friendly way of projecting the features of your telephony system to your PC. In other words, it lets you control your telephony from your computer screen.

You get a clear overview of all users inside and outside your organisation and you can immediately see their availability status (available, in a meeting, working on site, etc.). This enables you to always communicate rapidly and efficiently.

Integration of your CRM or ERP system:
This integration lets you easily call a number via your own CRM or ERP system and automatically you can see the identity of the caller which is generated from your own database. It allows you to personally greet your clients and consult any necessary information without lots of searching around, so that you can immediately assist the caller.

Can we interest you in a contact centre?

Although you may not realise it, your organisation probably already has a type of contact centre. Every single telephone call is important and should be taken as quickly as possible by the person responsible.

The Panasonic systems come as standard with a series of contact centre features that are sufficient for many companies. The features include welcome messages, option menus, call routing based on the incoming number and much more.

Affordable, professional solutions

Would you like to assign agent and supervisor roles to your staff, obtain real-time analyses about incoming and outgoing calls or work with your own phone scripts? If so, you can take advantage of our call centre solution by Fidelity. This affordable software solution comes in both Cloud and on-premises versions and has just as many functions as solutions by major market players.

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