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Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications & Contact Centre solutions

A modern telephony set-up allows you to do much more than just make telephone calls. Telephony has been revolutionised over the last few years, particularly in terms of user-friendliness and integration possibilities. 

Discover how our versatile solutions can raise the level of your telephony too.

Link your telephony to MS Teams!

Not only does MS Teams offer you features such as chat, video calling and file sharing, it is also becoming increasingly easy to link your Panasonic telephony set-up to MS Teams.

This link enables you to use your trusted MS Teams environment as a standard UC tool. Moreover, this multifunctional platform is also available on many different devices, which makes remote working even easier.

Are you interested in integrating your Panasonic telephony within your MS Teams environment? We will be pleased to guide you through several scenarios that suit your company’s requirements. 

Read more about this solution in our brochure.

BOSS Paints

BOSS Paints, a company based in Waregem, has been active in the production of paint since 1945 and now has 270 employees. They produce more than 3 million liters of paint every year, both for professionals and private individuals. Consumers are mainly reached through the well-known Colora retail chain (60 shops).

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