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Multi-site solutions

These are our speciality! Our speciality!

Whether your organisation operates nationally or internationally, within Europe or beyond, whether your organisation is small or large, has 2 or 100 sites, or is involved in the retail, manufacturing, or the government or non-profit sectors....we can help you devise the ideal architecture for your multi-site environment. We never base ourselves on any particular technology, but always on your needs for each site.

We offer 20 years of experience

By making use of over 20 years’ worth of expert knowledge, we interpret all your requirements together with you based on our available scenarios: Cloud, private Cloud, virtual or physical telephony solutions – which can be combined with Unified Communications – or even Microsoft Teams. All Panasonic telephony solutions are suitable for this type of set-up, based on a physical or virtual system, VM Ware, or Hyper V.

Simple management

A multi-site environment integrates your entire infrastructure into one platform that is simple to manage. If necessary, you can combine this with the required redundancy at your remote locations. To guarantee uptime, we make sure that all unique locations can also continue functioning in “isolated” mode, for instance if network problems occur, which means that all telephony facilities remain accessible for users.

Stad Ronse - Simplicity in complexity


Antargaz (a division of the UGI Group) is one of the major suppliers of natural gas and electricity in the Benelux region. Their offices in Diegem, Ghent, Luxembourg, and Nijmegen (Netherlands) serve both consumers and professional clients. 

Easyfairs (Flanders Expo, Neckerhallen & Antwerp Expo)

Gemeente De Haan

De Haan is known as the most beautiful coastal village, but behind the charming town hall façade lies a great deal of technological insight.

The present VoIP telephony system connects 15 municipal services from De Haan, Klemskerke, Vlissegem and Wenduine. As De Haan prefers a long-term vision, all investments must be ‘Future Proof’. The present system happens to be very suitable for that purpose.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (Quadrant)

This one is kind of our showpiece project. Mitsubishi Chemicals is a multinational with establishments in 54 countries and it operates in almost every sector through its manufacturing of plastics and composite materials.

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