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Panasonic Solutions partner

After investing in know-how, people, and technology for many years, Licom has obtained the Panasonic Solutions Partner label. This is the highest level that can be achieved in terms of partner competence.

Solutions Partners have exceptionally capable expertise in Panasonic solutions and are able to work with the simplest to the most complex configurations.

This label means that you can rely on the required expertise and experience to integrate a wide range of Panasonic network communication products and solutions in your company.

Expertise and experience

The Solutions Partner label not only guarantees our expertise and experience, but it also offers the following benefits: 

  • Licom is directly supported by the Panasonic Central European Team.
  • All of our staff are Panasonic Certified and have gone through extensive training.
  • A wide range of peripherals and software solutions.
  • Extensive range of spare parts in stock.
  • Personalised first line support.
  • Access to the latest Panasonic product information.
  • Guarantee of continuity from Panasonic.

You'd like more information about the Solutions Partner label and what that means for your organisation?