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Pleegzorg West-Vlaanderen

Foster Care West Flanders organizes a suitable home environment for everyone who can no longer live at home or who cannot realize a home themselves. The organization does this from 7 locations in the West of Flanders.

Licom's advice and expertise were relied on to ensure that the communication between their seven branches with 125 office employees runs smoothly. After a thorough study of their needs and requirements, a VoIP exchange was eventually chosen, set up in a Private Cloud scenario.

This setup ensures that the IT service has its "own Cloud" and is therefore independent of any provider or institution. Self-management, reliable technology and professional advice were decisive in making their choice.

In addition, the Unified Communications tool Go Connect is used to quickly consult the availability of colleagues across all sites. Efficient and fast communication for the approximately 125 users. Moreover, each user can work location-independently thanks to the full-fledged flexdesk functionality.

The own IT department also benefited from basic training, which means that the most common programming and extensions can be done by themselves.