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Goal oriented collaboration

Words often appear to be our preferred form of communication but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 55% of our communication is determined by our body language.

Unified communications & MS Teams

Microsoft Teams (the successor to Skype for Business) has been the most attractive collaboration platform for video conferencing, web meetings, presentations, and online training courses for some time.

Microsoft Teams can be easily connected to your fixed telephony environment, so you can call colleagues in the office internally from your Teams software or even use Teams as an extension to your telephony platform.

It means that you can determine the communication devices where you can be contacted.

Video conferencing – working together with sound and images

Our modern and versatile video conferencing solutions enable you to communicate face to face with your contacts at any time and in any place.

These solutions only used to be accessible for large companies, but now we also offer cloud services, and software and hardware solutions for individual users and huddle rooms (for instance, via Microsoft Teams).

It only takes a few clicks to set up and schedule a virtual web meeting with your customers, suppliers, or partners.

Device independent working environment

The days in which we were tied to one piece of hardware are long gone. It is now simple to work together with colleagues, clients, or suppliers by video, and it can be set up using multiple channels.

You can choose whether to communicate via your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or specialised hardware and you can always modify this according to your situation.

We need that!