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What does Licom stand for?

At Licom, we provide professional assistance to medium-sized and large organisations to efficiently develop their telecoms infrastructure in accordance with their needs.

We achieve this by means of:

  • 20 years’ experience
  • honest advice and a professional approach
  • offering the full range of solutions and not restricting ourselves to a single technology
  • continuous investment in new technologies and sharing this knowledge with our clients
  • aiming for long-term partnerships

How do we see the future?

In a world in which traditional telephony is making way for integrated systems, users always expect to have control over their communication and how they can be contacted.        

The number of providers and new technologies is growing rapidly and will continue to increase exponentially over the coming years.

Professional advice is crucial when making the right choice.

Our values

 Mutual respect – Honesty – Personal and people-centred 

Trust – Passion and drive

These are our company values. They are behind everything we do and the way we work. They are your guarantee for a sound and pleasant collaboration.