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Virtual Reception


Licom's VIRTUAL RECEPTION combines a powerful registration module with numerous additional features, each of which has been developed to relieve the burden on your staff.

In addition, the solution comes standard with a Microsoft Surface tablet and a high-quality tripod. You just need to provide a stable internet connection and a power socket.

How we do that?

Register visitors without the intervention of third parties and have them accept all applicable safety regulations before entering. 

Thanks to the link with your existing telephony solution, your visitors can call their contact during registration.

Because of our full service subscription formula, you don't have to worry about unforeseen costs. You pay a monthly fee, we take care of the rest. 

When a visitor enters your building, it is important that he immediately feels welcomed. By placing a VIRTUAL RECEPTION in your entrance hall, visitors immediately know that they have arrived at the right place and what is expected of them, without burdening your employees.

There's more!

Receive suppliers and courier services efficiently and without the intervention of third parties.

Your company is located at a business complex? The VIRTUAL RECEPTION has been developed so that you can bring the reception of several companies together in a single solution.

The VIRTUAL RECEPTION can be configured to fit the branding of your company. This way we ensure instant recognition among your visitors.