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More efficient communication

Efficient communication does not happen automatically, yet every organisation should make it a priority.  

By helping you to deal more smartly with technologies such as telephony and video conferencing, we can ensure that your organisation also saves time, works more efficiently and is able to offer an even better service.

Availability of your colleagues

Until recently, people thought that Unified communications software or UC was only something for large multinationals.

However, UC has now become a daily reality in a large number of companies, and this brings considerable ease of use and makes it simple for you to get information about the availability of your colleagues

The user-friendly interface connects your telephony to your PC in a straightforward manner, and it enables you to quickly and easily communicate with others at a glance, without losing any time.

If required, it can be fully automatically synchronised with your Outlook.

Integration with your CRM or ERP system, calendar, Outlook, etc.

Connecting your existing CRM or ERP software to your telephony environment has long ceased to be rocket science.

It is now possible to connect all of the most common software packages with relative ease. This type of integration allows you to simply call a contact from your ERP or CRM package and it also shows you all the caller details for an incoming call.

It means that you are able to see all the information about the caller even before you take the call and allows you to provide faster and more specific assistance.

Communicate productively without losing any time

Every call is important and needs to be answered by the right person in your organisation as quickly as possible. Customers need their queries dealt with rapidly and it is essential to handle queries well.

Our VoIP systems come with a variety of contact centre features as standard which in the past were only accessible for large organisations. This means that every caller gains a professional impression of your organisation and is rapidly assisted. All of these features are fully tailored to your requirements.

If your organisation needs a specialised contact centre solution, this is also something we can provide for you.

Raes Autogroep

BOSS Paints

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (Quadrant)

This one is kind of our showpiece project. Mitsubishi Chemicals is a multinational with establishments in 54 countries and it operates in almost every sector through its manufacturing of plastics and composite materials.


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