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Antargaz (a division of the UGI Group) is one of the major suppliers of natural gas and electricity in the Benelux region. Their offices in Diegem, Ghent, Luxembourg, and Nijmegen (Netherlands) serve both consumers and professional clients. 

All of the offices were connected to each other using a Panasonic VoIP solution where specific attention was given to the redundancy of the various sites. 

This unique architecture ensures that communication is guaranteed, even if the network malfunctions, for instance. This is because the various sites are equipped with an “isolated mode” that guarantees uptime. All the offices within this set-up retain their individuality with their own telephone lines, but the centralised administration limits the burden on the IT department.

All users are also able to use our Go Connect Unified Communications solutions. This software ensures that an employee in Diegem, for instance, is able to quickly see the availability of a colleague in Nijmegen. All users are able to access functions such as forwarding calls to other handsets, chat, altering availability, do not disturb, integration with the company’s own ERP and CRM in a user-friendly manner. The software is also intuitive which means that users quickly adapt to it.