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Video conferencing

Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from small huddle rooms to huge auditoriums. Each different meeting room calls for a solution that is fully adapted to your needs and requirements.

To set up a high-quality meeting, it is not only crucial that all of the participants can be seen and heard clearly, you may also want an easy way to give a presentation.

To provide the best possible service to our clients, we use the products and services by Lifesize, Barco, Konftel and Poly.

Microsoft Teams integrations

There is a high chance that you are already working with Microsoft Teams to facilitate your internal communication. However, did you know that Teams can also play a supporting role in your meeting room? 

Our solutions can be integrated with your existing environment, so you do not need to switch between various platforms. They enable you to make video calls in a straightforward manner with your colleagues and external partners.

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A new way of working

Video conferencing offers a solution for home workers who in addition to being contactable via a telephone number also want to be visually present during meetings with colleagues or external parties.

You can go a long way with just a simple laptop or tablet. Not only will you communicate more efficiently, you will also save on travel costs. It also means you will be engaging in more sustainable business practices by consciously reducing your organisation’s impact on mankind and the environment.

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